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VOLTA Basel announces 2021 exhibiting galleries

VOLTA Basel announces 2021 exhibiting galleries

VOLTA Art Fair returns to Basel for its 16th edition during this year's Basel Art Fair Week. 69 galleries from across five continents and 50 cities assemble at the renovated venue of Elsässerstrasse 215, showcasing compelling new projects from artists of over 40 nations for a real life fair experience. Directed by Kamiar Maleki, VOLTA fosters galleries in staging ambitious solo and group presentations, refining the experience to its essential elements: the artists and their work.

Connected via shuttle bus or tram between Art Basel, visitors may escape the Messe's hectic pace and immerse within VOLTA's focused booth curation. The fair extends viewing hours from Monday, September 20, through Sunday, September 26.

"We are more than excited to welcome you back to an in real life fair experience at our newly renovated venue. Basel has always been and always will be the true centre of art fairs, and while we have been extremely busy in the background — re-branding, strategizing, and developing our fair — we are ready to resume action and provide a platform for our galleries to showcase some amazing art.", says VOLTA Director Kamiar Maleki.

"Our vision is to position VOLTA as the leading satellite fair in the cities it exhibits in. A fair for grass root collectors. We aim to make art more accessible by showcasing positions from different regions but trying to remain focused on a local collector base. VOLTA is about discovering, connecting and ultimately about collecting."

For the full list of exhibiting galleries along with their artist projects, please visit the VOLTA website.