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Jorge Vigil in the Enlace Arte Contemporaneo Gallery

Jorge Vigil in the Enlace Arte Contemporaneo Gallery

Lima: The Enlace Arte Contemporaneo gallery in this city is showcasing through January an exhibit by outstanding Peruvian artist Jorge Vigil.


Some two dozen pieces, including paintings and drawings in a variety of formats, all worked in oil, acrylic and mixed techniques on cloth, panels and paper, are part of a technical experimentation process based on the use of black backgrounds. It’s all about a set of shapes outlined in the dark in a bid to put a brighter spin on natural elements, highlight the ambiguity of the human body and a kind of eroticism that verges on the bizarre in which forms intertwine, melt into one another and forge into a vital and organic symbiosis.


On Jorge Vigil’s work, this is what Elida Roman had to day: “If there’s something that can be construed as a decisive influence or inspiration for this deployment –or overspill- of fantasy and realism, coupled with an odd symphony that pays no heed to harmonies or syncope, is no doubt the great influence of the flamenco masters, from El Bosco to Brueghel and on to those who came afterward. As in the former, it can be said that through this parade of images –and even in the small details contained in the adjective elements- the artist seeks to show us the illustrated book in which everything has a place of its own and a mission to fulfill, in which everything is a symbol, a clue or just a handful of small metaphors that partially speak of today’s world disguised in an ancient formal reference. In the latter, the punch line can be found armed with a demonstrative rather than a dogmatic intention.”


Jorge Vigil (Lima 1963) finished his studies in 1988 at the National School of Fine Arts in Peru. He’s lived in Paris since 1990 and has deployed an intense artistic career in France, the U.S., Indonesia and in his hometown. In 1992 he won the second prize at the Salon Lefranc Bougeois, Region Sud-Oest; the Cadena Award, Villa Montauban, in 1994, and at the First Festival of Villa de Nay, in 2000, all of them in France.


Source: Press release sent from the newswire agencies to Arte por Excelencias by Silvana Vargas-Machuca (Enlace Arte Contemporaneo, Ave. Pardo y Aliaga 676, San Isidro, Lima, Peru: (51 1) 222 5714).