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Ignacio Redondo Gallery Showcases "Singularidad y Expresion"

Ignacio Redondo Gallery Showcases "Singularidad y Expresion"

Ignacio Redondo art gallery showcase the Singularidad y Expresion (Singularity and Expression) collective exhibition, putting together the most representative and recent work of five contemporary Spanish painters.


This exhibition looks forward to highlighting the huge singularity featured by each of them, as well as the personal expressiveness and strength that has always characterized the Spanish art. Five completely different artists gathered in the same space, which are undoubtedly meant to become national and internationally acclaimed signatures due to their expressive singularity.


Covadonga Tellaeche’s soft abstraction, Ismael Lagares’s chromatic strength, Pepe Morales’s exquisite geometric composition, the most precise figuration, accompanied by nostalgic notes, expressed by Norberto Gonzalez and Juan Luis Jardi. Five significant creators who are different in terms of shape, but possess one common characteristic: they make viewers to enjoy, delight and become enthusiastic about general art and painting, just as much as they are.


Singularidad y Expresion collective exhibition will remain open since December 1, 2011 until January 7, 2012.


Ignacio Redondo Gallery

C/ Serrano Nº 120

28006 Madrid – Spain