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Catalonia’s etHALL Gallery Attends Room Art Fair Madrid

Catalonia’s etHALL Gallery Attends Room Art Fair Madrid

Beginning Dec. 16, Room Art Fair Madrid will showcase the artworks from Barcelona-based etHALL Gallery that will be attending the opening edition of this event together with nearly a dozen other facilities.


The attendance of the Catalonian gallery to this event –within the framework of the new Emerging Fair Art’s program in Madrid- will take place in an exceptional space, the chic & basic design Mayerling Hotel in the Spanish capital, a modern and avant-garde lodging in which visitors will witness art in its purest style.


With that view in mind, etHALL –a space for the contemporary arts in Barcelona- will exhibit works by Calpurnio, Luis Macias, Raimon Julibert, Aleksandra Kopff and Nono Kadaver, among other artists, as well as unpublished pieces by drawer Vazquez, a cartoon collection with handwritten notes and explanations given by the author himself.


Organizers of Room Art Fair, Chic & Basic Hotels and Espacio Plano B from Madrid –run by Alvaro Vargas- agree to say this exhibit as a major development that comes into being out of the vocation of showing off the emerging market and paint a clearer picture of today’s contemporary arts in the nation’s capital, but on the basis of originality, youth and commitment to the new breeds of artists willing to foster a form of art collecting more accessible to the public. Spectators will have a chance to enjoy the facilities at the Mayerling Hotel as they watch small and midsize format works of great quality and very affordable.