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Mario Sanchez to Exhibit in Santiago de Chile

Mario Sanchez to Exhibit in Santiago de Chile

The Chilean capital’s Sala Taller Gallery is to host Mario Sanchez’s personal exhibition, to be open on January 2 – 31, 2012.


Over ten paintings included in Pajaristico series reveal the artist’s interest in birds –their shapes and colors–, through close-to-abstraction images. His visual strategy entails the decomposition and re-composition of shapes, environments, bringing about singular structures, with new life.


We learned from a press release issued by the gallery that the creation of the artworks had him working between 2010 and 2011. Likewise, we had access to the details on the origin of his interest in nature: “He remembers that, on a quiet day, his grandfather made it clear: ´You are not an artist… No. you’re a naturalist´. As frustrated ornithologist, he recognizes his ineptitude for exact things and affirms that he has kept the most relative part of the study. The obsession for wings, the flying and birds as such turned into a language that does not need anecdote or verb”.


Mario Sanchez (1963), graduated at the Fine Arts Department of Concepcion University, is a locally acclaimed creator, especially since the foundation of Grisalla group–in the early 1990s–, along with other five artists.


Sala Taller is a gallery specialized in contemporary art that marks a milestone in a Bohemian and attractive sector such as Bellavista neighborhood, Santiago de Chile. Featuring a non-conventional aspect, in a two-floor house dating back from the 1970s, it displays temporal exhibitions and more than 200 travelling artworks, and the workshop of its owner and founder, painter Luis Eduardo Lamas, is part of the atmosphere.


Lamas runs the gallery since 2003, in order to promote artists from Santiago and other regions, jointly exhibiting proposals created prestigious artists and emerging projects. In 2010 and 2011, the gallery had an outstanding performance in Ch.ACO, Santiago’s Contemporary Art Fair.



Antonia Lopez de Bello 94, Recoleta

Santiago de Chile


Source: Press release