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TRAMA, Transportation of Andalusia’s Modern Art

TRAMA, Transportation of Andalusia’s Modern Art

Since December 22, the Almeria Museum Art Center is hosting a collective exhibit titled TRAMA, a project created with the purpose of providing Andalusia’s contemporary art with a promotional space, thus enriching the career of many of participating artists thanks to the support of public and international institutions. The list includes Roberto Urbano, Manu Gallardo, Banned, Gabi Dodero, Violeta Guillen, Lusteria, Manolo Olmo, Yajaira Grao, BigDiscipline, Aurora Rumi, Eva Fernandez, Sergio Cata, 8arquitectura (J.D. Martinez, J. Pierres, C. Bignon), Gertrudis Roman, AaZ, Raul Gomez, Jose Luis Puche, Pablo Sanchez, MynationShit, Germen, Oliver Narbona and Mario Polo.


Curated by architect and artist Charles Bignon (BigDiscipline), TRAMA will be taken to the 59 Rivoli Center in Paris in the spring of 2012 as a way to make Andalusia’s culture known through its most contemporary expressions. Having young art as its protagonist, in addition to plastic art, the exhibition will feature video screening sessions, ambient music and performances.


59 Rivolies is a public art center sited at a centrally-located street of the same name.  Because of its location and bold programs, it has become one of the five most visited places in Paris, and one of the ten most frequented in France. It is a multidisciplinary place where different artistic practices come together allowing creators who are not frequently found in traditional circuits to be more visible.

Besides the Paris’s City Council’s collaboration, TRAMA has been supported by the Council of Almeria, the Cajamar Foundation, the companies La Chance and SdobleC, Rotufer and AM Gallery.




Centro de Arte Museo de Almeria

Plaza Carlos Cano, s/n

Open thru February 12, 2012


Source: Press Release