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Madrid’s Young Art

Madrid’s Young Art

Arte Joven Hall, Madrid, will be exhibiting works of new art representatives through the early days of 2013. Circuitos 2012 marks the 23rd time the regional Government supports the showcase of ten proposals created by artists below 35 years old, in order to favor their access to the professional life.


Out of the sixty eight proposals received this year, the chosen artists were Elena Alonso, Irene de Andres, Angela Cuadra, Daniel Cerrejon, Cristina Garrido, Santiago Giralda, Raul Gomez Valverde, Maillo, Carlos Macia and Mauro Vallejo. The jury, headed by the general director of Fine Arts, Bokk and Archive, Isabel Rosell, was made up of the consultant on Fine Arts to the Community of Madrid, Lorena Martinez; the director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M), Ferran Barenblit; art critic and curator Mariano Mayer; visual artist Marina Nuñez; and gallery owner Jose Robles.


The selection includes traditional techniques such as painting, drawing and collage, as well as photography and video-installation. According to Mayer, the show tackles an open, moving and hard-to-classify model that values and highlights experimentation with results.


Elena Alonso reflects on the possibilities of drawing; Irene de Andres screens a video-installation named Ocean Chart III; Angela Cuadra, with Las afinidades electivas, builds subtle landscapes by applying such technique as collage; Daniel Cerrejon deals with aesthetic aspects in terms of the exhibition world; Cristina Garrido tries different notions of value/uselessness or authority/authorship; Santiago Giralda establishes a new space order on his painting; Raul Gomez Valverde presents Musica para exmillonarios, a video that recreates the social and economic history of a shelter in Bronx; Maillo introduces a gestural repertoire on his canvas; Carlos Macia propones works included in Markers series; and Mauro Vallejo is focused on the appropriation and modification of images and archive material by altering their time, shape or space.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that includes texts written by curator Mariano Mayer and Argentinean writer Cesar Aira.


Arte Joven Hall
Avenida de America, 13. Madrid


             Source: Press release