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500 Bolivian artisans will participate in the Fifth indigenous native Textile Art Meeting

500 Bolivian artisans will participate in the Fifth indigenous native Textile Art Meeting

Bolivia .-- "Weaving the soul of the people", under this motto will start the V Meeting of the Original Indigenous Textile Art that involve about 500 artisans from around the country, which will be held in the cities of El Alto and La Paz, from September 25th  to September 28th .


The announcement of the launch of the V Meeting of Textile Art was done by Ignacio Soqueré Tomichá, Vice Minister of Multiculturalism, in the facilities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He said "It's a joy for us, as institutions of the central, departmental and municipal state, to contribute in these activities so that they can demonstrate the diversity, history and wealth of knowledge of our people through these textiles.”


Flavia Gimenez, representative of the Foundation Feria a la Inversa announced that until the fourth meeting she has achieved the participation of more than a thousand originating indigenous textile art weavers, representatives of 36 nations.

The meeting with the foundation aims to ensure that weavers have a link not only between themselves but they can show and sell the products of their cultures; besides, they need to compare inputs not available in their communities.


"They require raw materials like woven wool fleece and wool, dyes, plants, training services to reproduce these products. The offerers are the same weavers with their offer, this way the fair unfolds in reverse."


Finally Santos Flores, the President of the Multinational Association of Original Indigenous Textile Art, said that together with partners will contribute to the recovery process of the original Indian textile tradition and the enhancement of the weavers through the sharing of ancestral knowledge of arts sciences in the fabric as cultural identity.


Flores said that "In this meeting we will perform three activities related to textile art: 1) the participation of at least 500 artisans from across the country, coming from 36 nations, 2) to exhibit the economic fabric of the communities because we have a handicraft from our ancestors and, 3) to weave we need to receive offers and buy raw materials such as wool, anelina.


It is worth mentioning that in the city of El Alto will be held on Thursday 25th  and Friday 26th in the Sports facilities, while in La Paz will be in the field Chuquiago Marka Següencoma Marka, on Saturday 27th  and Sunday 28th .