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Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte

An overwhelming, visual experience, this exhibition will be the largest to date in Europe with young, international art-star Alex Da Corte. He works with painting, sculpture, installation and video, often appearing in disguise in his films, taking on iconic figures such as Popeye or the Statue of Liberty.

The exhibition presents a number of Da Corte's large film installations, which include references to a wealth of popular cultural phenomena such as rapper Eminem and The Muppets. In addition, a number of sculptural works, paintings and drawings are displayed to provide a full overview of Da Corte's artistic practice.

Louisiana's new acquisition, Rubber Pencil Devil, which will be at the center of the exhibition, is one of Da Corte's masterpieces. The work consists of a two-hour and forty-minute-long film (composed of 57 short films) and a screening environment that serves as a poetic extension of the film with sculptural furniture and a rug that resembles a soccer field.

14.7.22 - 8.1.23