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BPS22. Teen Spirit

BPS22. Teen Spirit

The exhibition explores adolescence through the prism of contemporary art with some 90 selected works by more than 30 artists. The exhibition seeks to express the particularity and complexity of the time between childhood and adulthood by examining the concept of adolescence itself.

The exhibition's title is inspired by Nirvana's single, Smells Like Teen Spirit, released in 1991, which became the anthem of a disenchanted generation marked by social decline and globalization. It also evokes adolescence as a state of mind, a marker of mutual recognition between young people, even while its nature and boundaries shift.

Teen Spirit presents artists for whom adolescence constitutes a real source of inspiration, as well as works bearing witness to life contexts that exclude this time of carelessness. Some works reveal the loneliness created by the virtual world and social media by examining how ways of socialising have been transformed. While others observe lone teenagers who indulge, with some delight, in a sort of idling that is far from the cliché of a "sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll" adolescence.