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Cuban Painter Participates at UNESCO's Exhibition

Cuban Painter Participates at UNESCO's Exhibition

An exhibition of plastic arts that brings together Latin American and Caribbean artists was inaugurated today at UNESCO, in which Cuba is present with the painter Luis Alberto Ruiz.
The event is part of the celebration of the Latin America and the Caribbean Week at UNESCO, aimed at showing the richness and diversity of culture and traditions in that region.

The ambassador of Paraguay to that UN organization and temporary president of the GRULAC (regional group), Leticia Casati, said that the exhibition of paintings, photographs, and sculptures 'will allow us to enjoy the creative and technical capacity of women and men who have come from the different corners' of the subcontinent.

The works exhibited in the Joan Miró room, in the Parisian headquarters of UNESCO, 'lead us to delve into the diversity of our territories and peoples, into the richness of different points of view,' he emphasized.

Artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela participate in the exhibition.