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Deana Lawson: Centropy

Deana Lawson: Centropy

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Deana Lawson's exhibition, Centropy, at Kunsthalle Basel on view through October 11.

In her meticulously staged yet profoundly intimate images, Lawson captures the sartorial styles, quotidian habits, and domestic interiors of the African Diaspora in her native United States, Brazil, and beyond. 

"When I'm going to make work, usually I'm choosing people that come from a a lower-or working-class situation," Lawson said in an interview with artist Arthur Jaffa, "My choice feels natural because it's a reflection of the people and forces I grew up around in Rochester...It's about value. It's about using a figure or a body to represent something higher than we would normally associate it with."   

Deana Lawson

Kunsthalle Basel
June 9 – October 11, 2020