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Gary Nader presents Ricardo Cisneros: Namibia, Tierra Sublime

Gary Nader presents Ricardo Cisneros: Namibia, Tierra Sublime

Gary Nader proudly presents Ricardo Cisneros: Namibia, Tierra Sublime (Namibia: Sublime Land), a series of 30 spectacular photographs from Mr. Cisneros travels to Namibia, Southern Africa. All proceeds from the sales of these photographs will be donated to Global Empowerment Mission to help on the recovery of NW Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. The exhibition will be on view from October 18 through November 30 at Gary Nader Art Centre.

This collection of photographs reveals the extraordinary beauty of Namibia, a land of natural wonders, like the impressive landscapes surrounding the world’s oldest desert, Namib’s desert. The breathtaking views of the Sossusvlei salt pan and the Deadvlei white clay pan, both located inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park, were masterfully captured by Ricardo Cisneros.

“Flying over the red dunes in a balloon at dawn, bathed in a fragile and translucent cloud cover is a sublime and incomparable experience. Those unique landscapes of Namibia, with its sandy oceans, deep blue sky, extensive wildlife and wonderful people were undoubtedly the engine that prompted me to take advantage of every moment of my journey...” The Venezuelan born artist; Ricardo Cisneros gives us the chance through his lens to encounter in every image all the Namibia’s striking beauty. “Behind every image there is a whole process, a before and after. It is that set of elements - some tangible, others not - that converges to take a photo that tells a story, that arouses an emotion and establishes a connection.”

Gary Nader, Director of Gary Nader Art Centre, always looking to give back to the community, felt compelled to help our Bahamas neighbors to recover from the massive destruction they suffer after Hurricane Dorian, and decided to team up with Ricardo Cisneros to donate all the proceeds from this exhibition to the Global Empowerment Mission in their efforts to help with the Hurricane Dorian relief mission. 

Cisneros’ latest photography book, Namibia, Tierra Sublime will be on sale at the Gallery and all the proceeds will also be donated to Global Empowerment Mission. 

What:   Gary Nader presents Ricardo Cisneros: Namibia, Tierra Sublime.

When:  October 18 through November 30, 2019                  

Where: Gary Nader Art Centre. 62 NE 27th Street, Miami, FL 33137

Hours:  Monday – Saturday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm