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"Ibicenco V: Too late tomorrow"

"Ibicenco V: Too late tomorrow"

Mondo Galeria presents the fifth edition of "Ibicenco" an exhibition starting on Friday, July 9, 2021 in a secret corner of the island of Ibiza. A payes country house, more than 200 years old,  where the works ofmore than 20 international artists take over the space under the curatorship of Diego Alonso and Alexeja Pozzoni (AD Studio).

An immersive experience curated by AD.Studio with international artists working on different media fields paraphrasing Time through the element Air. Culinary Art on the hands of alchemist Erika Tangari to complete the six senses if we consider thought as a sensorial journey. Set on a unique centuries old payes finca on top of the Corona of Santa Inés, Ibiza over the Almond fields.

The exhibition reflects the idea "Too late tomorrow" expressed through works from different media such as photography, cinematography, sculpture and painting. Each work presents the perspective of an individual artist and in turn takes part of a journey that highlights the need to create in times of system crisis. It is a very important moment for creation and communication, so as not to let passion drown since "art is the mediator of the inexpressible" (Goethe).

The exhibition can be visited until July 11 by appointment only.

Those interested can contact