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This 4th edition of IBICENCO wonders about rareness, uniqueness or extraordinariness in different fields from art to social and from visual to tacitness. Unusual artworks from peculiar artists from uncommon origins of mixed media. Cinema, performance, photography and installations occupy the Centro Cultural de Jesús in Ibiza to create a chorus of artistic voices under the curatorial direction of Diego Alonso (founder of this exhibition in 2015).

Under the theme “Desert Waters” this group of international artist bring together a multimedia exhibition where the visitor can be amused not only by the variety and quality of its more than 30 artworks but also by the role he/she takes into the show as a connector of ideas or synthesizer of conceptual contents. The artworks create a limbo outside a state of emptiness of todays masses triggering in many different directions messages connected to each other only in the mind of the spectator.

The exhibition hall acts as a point of encounter for creators from all over the world and from different fields of art. A no man’s land with reminiscences of encounter. Where the curators role is to generate the platform for all those voices to sing in unison.

From recently graduated artists from the Royal College of Art in London to a legend as Werner Herzog. From an artist residency as Can 7 in Formentera to a high vibrational healing and experimentation project as Crystal Mountain. The artist and projects selection has been based on the theme of this exhibition´s edition, all are scarce, rare and overall: extraordinary… as Desert Waters.

Exhibition Timings: Monday to Friday 16 to 21 hs