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Museum Wiesbaden. Frank Stella

Museum Wiesbaden. Frank Stella

With the Alexej von Jawlensky Prize, the city of Wiesbaden honors the life and work of the Russian painter, who lived there from 1921 until his death in 1941. Bestowed every 5 years, the Prize is associated with a major exhibition at the Museum Wiesbaden.

The 2022 recipient of the Prize is the American artist Frank Stella (b.1936) and the exhibition held at the Museum Wiesbaden highlights the connections between the works of both artists as well as the Museum's collection of American art with its particular focus on Minimalism art.

Complex, full of literary references, and yet neither abstract nor representational in the conventional sense, Stella's work refers to various periods, from the Baroque to the Modern one. Confronting epochs, the exhibition addresses the question of abstraction, representationalism, image and ornament within the context of an oeuvre which, with its revolutionary striped paintings, completely changed the understanding of painting at the beginning of the 1960s.


JUNE 10 — OCTOBER 9, 2022