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Sounding Egrem for more than five decades

Sounding Egrem for more than five decades

Yo me siento Egrem (I feel Egrem) is the title of the communicative campaign for the 55th anniversary of the Company of Recordings and Musical Editions (Egrem), announced the Director of Communication and Marketing, Virgilio Martinto. The actions will take place throughout the month of March, with an emphasis on March 31, the day on which the also known as the dean of the Cuban record companies was founded.

Yo me siento Egrem is dedicated to the 500 years of Havana, the centenary of Benny Moré, the 50 of the Van Van and the 30th of the creation of the Cuban Institute of Music" said Martinto. As part of the activities, on March 3 there will be a great cultural products fair on Paseo Avenue, in which the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets and Artex will participate, which will have a sub-site in the Cuba Pavilion.

It is planned to present the 55th anniversary Prize to Cuban music personalities linked to the Egrem, the cancellation of an allegorical postal stamp, musical co-productions with the Icaic Animation Studios and the remodeling of emblematic Egrem sites, including the Casa de la Música de Miramar, the oldest in the country. In addition, the television program Suena Egrem will be broadcast on Canal Clave. As well as homages will be given to Cuban musicians, integrated to the record label.

"The thematic song of the campaign is in the process of recording and is in charge of the Van Van," he said. The Santiago sub-station of the Egrem also joins the commemorative program. Finally, on March 30 and 31, concerts will be held in the capital Karl Marx Theater, which will feature the participation of Charanga Latina and La Colmenita, respectively.