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Standing Women of Venice. Standing Black Woman of Venice

Standing Women of Venice. Standing Black Woman of Venice

French/American sculptor, poet and novelist Barbara Chase-Riboud (born in 1939 in Philadelphia) met Alberto Giacometti at the beginning of the 1960s when she had just settled in Paris. Her work was at first quite close to that of the sculptor but quickly explored new ways in abstraction. However, both works offer points of convergence in their interest in verticality, search for expressiveness, use of bronze, a common fascination for Ancient Egypt, and references to contemporary literature and poetry.

Produced in close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition offers an original dialogue inviting Giacometti's famous female figures face to face with those of an artist who, for decades, has been making her own original sculptural way between the American and French scenes. It highlights both artists' humanist vision, incarnated by works that seek to reach a symbolic and memorial dimension.

Curator: Emilie Bouvard, director of collections and scientific program, Fondation Giacometti.