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Twelve neighborhoods from havana: Trip inside the other city

«Seen as a whole, so variegated by plurality, it may be suspected that Havana lacks sharp profiles. But those of us who assume the challenge of repealing this hypothesis, we look for signs of what I us
Logo de Habana Radio

Havana Radio: A frequency to reverence the beautiful

Almost with the beginning of a new millennium the Cuban in radio broadcasting system was born a station that was necessary in the ether. Not only would it fulfill the social duty to educate, and entert
Great Theater of Havana

The Great Theater of Havana, a jewel of the city

It is probably the most significant theater of Cuban culture, and even the most famous one. Located in one of the sections of Prado in Havana and in the corner of San Rafael it occupies a whole block a
Carteles de filmes cubanos

The umbrellas of Havana

Those of us who are getting on remember, not without a little bit of nostalgia, those metallic structures scattered in important streets and parks of Havana that were soon popularly called "umbrellas."

Illustrious habaneros: Horacio III and the love for the drum

My elders told me that they were originally part of the Santa Catalina farm and that part of their land adjoined the Calzada de Jesús del Monte. That its first inhabitants were those people who were de
Iglesia del Santo Ángel

The Church of the Santo Ángel Custodio

Some know it for being one of the scenarios of the emblematic Cuban literary work Cecilia Valdés. Others know that it is one of the best exponents of the religious constructions of the XIX century on t
Teatro Nacional de Cuba

Teatro Nacional de Cuba. A place for art and history

The Teatro Nacional de Cuba Cultural Complex, located at Paseo and 39th street, Plaza de la Revolución, belongs to the National Council of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture. It was inaugurated
la giraldilla

La Giraldilla, the symbol of Havana

A slender, challenging and at the same time serene woman is the oldest symbol of Havana and the first sculpture cast in Cuba. It is known as the Giraldilla and is located in the Castillo de la Real Fue
Gran Teatro de La Habana. Foto: La Demajagua

Ten curiosities of the Grand Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso

Now that the twenty-sixth edition of the International Festival of Ballet invites us, it would be good to remember ten curiosities of the Grand Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso, the headquarters of the
Old Havana

Old Havana Embraces Cuba´s Emerging Artists

A group of children look on as a tattooed stranger paints a pair of big green eyes on the wall outside a house at San Isidro, one of Old Havana’s less-empowered neighborhoods. The once industrial town