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Excelencias Group Presents the 2019 Excelencias Cuba Awards

When art reaches excellence

Only a few hours ago, in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater, the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 ceremony was concluded, which on this occasion were nuanced by the presentation of the Havana 500 Special Award, echo of the celebrations for the half century of the Cuban capital, a party in which the Excelencias Group, chaired by José Carlos de Santiago, through its publications or using other information media, provided special coverage.

Chronicles of the Floridian Arcadia

What do art fairs exhibit? The leftovers of works by historical avant-guard “sacred cows” that did not make it to museums, big companies and auction houses; the exponent “substitutes” of emerging trend

Broken Molds and Rich Polemics San Juan Poly/Graphics Triennial

The first San Juan Poly/graphic Triennial reviewed strict notions about engraving allowing of a broad interpretation of its influence and impact on modern languages of Latin American art. We dissecedt

Arístides E. Hernández (Ares)

He was born in 1963 in Havana.

Survival of photography

Since the year 2001, the Urban Culture Foundation (FCU) in Venezuela has been implementing an inter-generic multiple editorial program that includes the FCU’s main collection, the Cuadernos series spec

The Eyes of Alfonso Reyes

Borges who, as everyone knows, did not pride himself of being condescending, wrote a great praise about Alfonso Reyes; a few verses that could be either the preface or the conclusion of the book recent

A Fleeting and Disguised Witness?

Amazement came first. Is Severo Sarduy a painter? The novelist who wrote Cobra and Where We Come From, the poet of Big Band and Mood Indigo, the collaborating writer of larger-than-life magazine Tel Qu

José Villa. An Adventure of Transfiguration

The author is an almost hermetical person, but with a deep internal eloquence. He was basically trained in Europe, mainly in the socialist Czechoslovakia, and was born at the hospitable and swaying cit

Issues 4 and 5 of Art by Excelencias Magazine Presented in Havana

The presentation of issues 4 and 5 of the Art by Excelencias magazine served as the perfect occasion to observe the day of the press and celebrate the first year of this printed publication and its dig

Carmen Herrera finally unearthed

The painter we’re presenting now is an old reference in my archives, despite the fact that the international press and the art market ballyhooed in 2009 the “sensational discovery” of Carmen Herrera.

Inner Look. Q & A with João Noutel

Joao, what motivations actually drove you into the realm of the fine arts? Drawing was a natural drive since I was a child, I think like in any other person… However, that motivational start has always

Catharsis and Exorcism in Sandra Ramos

When someone has the privilege of seeing as a sequence the work of Sandra Ramos, on a disk with neat images, you get the impression of having entered with Alice in her journey through the unreal wonder

Conect Art

The vast possibilities opened up by the Internet from its start to date in terms of connectivity, simultaneity of actions and massive consumption of different topics and knowledge, have also entailed

Contemporary Dominican Sculpture

During the second half of the 19th century it began to take shape in the Dominican Republic. It was a national art form that though mainly expressed through pictorial art, counted on an essential expon

Interiors and Circumstances of the Abstract

If there’s an esthetic expression that arouses amazement and suspicions virtually all around the planet, coupled with digressions, surprises and imitations –especially in the field of arts– that’s abst