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The minimum museum

The reflection of artists on their artworks’ circulation spaces is simultaneous to the emergence of the first museums. The opening to the public back in the 17th and 18th centuries of the first private


When they suggested me to present A Curator’s Eye,1 a book by art critic and essayist Corina Matamoros, I was enthused so much about the possibility of doing that because of the admiration and loving t

Fallen walls, upright walls

Walls have always existed and apparently continue to exist: some have fallen definitively while others remain, and there are those that insist on raising new ones. In ancient times, they served to prot

Three Hispanic-Cuban files

Today we’re pulling out three files. They belong to artists who are considered to be both Spanish and Cuban in the same breath. It’s not a riddle, but just the trappings of this complex planet so full

The one and the many… Cuban art in Excelencias Gallery

A large crowd of art lovers, the intelligentsia and news media from Madrid attended the February 18 grand opening of The One and the Many, Cuban Avant-garde and Contemporary Art. The collective exhibi

Julio le Parc and light demystification

Twenty years have gone by since Julio Le Parc had been in Havana last; his relationship was quite aloof, yet unforgotten. Many trips from the 1960 to the late 80 had turned him into a reference –and a

Art on the Web..

The vast possibilities opened up by the Internet from its start to date in terms of connectivity, simultaneity of actions and massive consumption of different topics and knowledge, have also entailed a

Ernesto Leal: The utopia diagnosis

Ernesto Leal’s work and thinking always bring back up in me the passion of mulling over art as the ideal space to “invent” our lives from an unbiased and diversified perspective, especially now when th

Killing the Discursive Father?

How can art reviews be made in the Americas? That’s a heck of a question. How can art reviews be focused on a young art where, as we read in this section of the magazine’s first issue, definition, iden

Tomás Sánchez. Going beyond time

“Those who are creative work through the past, the present and the future, going beyond time; those who are not, accept the ties of the old and the new”. Abanindranath Tagore The latest presentations