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Gabinete Art Fair

The fourth edition of Gabinete Art Fair is presented in Madrid

In the impressive setting of the Goya Engravings room of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, open to the public in a permanent exhibition, the fourth edition of the Art Fair Cabinet was pre
Model of the project «Infinite Journey», by the contemporary artist Wilfredo Prieto. Photo: Irene Pérez / Cubadebate

Biennial to point

The XIII Biennial of Havana enters its last week and there is still a long way to go in the wide range of activities that it entails. This was reported at a press conference held at the National Hotel,

ZONAMACO announces 2020 Edition

ZⓈONAMACO announces that its applications for the 2020 edition are now open, as well as the merge of its four fairs: ZⓈONAMACO MÉXICO ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, ZⓈONAMACO DISEÑO, ZⓈONAMACO FOTO and ZⓈONAMACO
Germaine Richier Vedovi

From Germaine Richier to Kris Lemsalu: innovative sculptors making their mark at Art Basel in Basel

Artists often address the flaws and strengths of humanity head-on. These six sculptors tackle it through sculptural techniques and strategies that overlap in surprising ways, considering their varied b
Nuno Sacramento

Biennial of Havana: a large and diverse exhibition

A week after the XIII Biennial of Havana closes its doors, Arte por Excelencias talks with the Portuguese Nuno Sacramento, one of the international gallerist and curators who have traveled ex professo
Havana Biennial engineer Randy Rodriguez, curator Lisa Howie, artist Peter Lapsley

Bermuda features in Havana Biennial 2019

What happened? The Havana Biennial is a globally recognized visual art exhibition that speaks to the exceptional creative output in Cuba, while also including the talents of select international artis
The XVII International Meeting on Management of Heritage Cities

The heritage cities meet again

The Palacio del Segundo Cabo, one of the buildings that adorn the Plaza de Armas of the Historic Center of Havana and headquarters of the Center for the Interpretation of Cultural Relations Cuba-Europe
Moisés Finalé

Moisés Finalé: rebuilding a site for dialogue

Galería La Nave reopened its doors to continue the process of creating of Moisés Finalé and the artists invited to his Sitio en Construcción, which took place on April 11 as part of the proposals of th
Marco Godinho, Left to their own fate #2, 2019, research material Courtesy of the artist Photo: Marco Godinho

Marco Godinho. Written by Water

Born in 1978 in Portugal, Marco Godinho is a nomadic explorer of the geographical, political and philosophical margins and boundaries of the world in which he lives. His immersive project will look at

arteBA: Where looks reach beyond the art business

A contemporary art fair has many different perspectives: that of artists, that of professionals, that of the public. In turn, these three groups have different characteristics, which, when crossed, giv