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Cherman surprises in Spectrum
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Cherman surprises in Spectrum

Recognized worldwide for his skills as a cartoonist, the Peruvian graphic artist Cherman, arrives at the Spectrum 2019 fair, within the framework of Art Basel Miami Beach, with the endorsement of 30 years of intense work and many good news to exhibit. We are struck during the dialogue with Arte por Excelencias, his passion for what he does and his commitment to cutting-edge ideas.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Cherman, I am Peruvian and I live between Miami and Peru. I have a store in Miraflores and I am at the fair with my new textile brand La Merka, and the Chermany company.


graphic artist Cherman


What kind of works do you do?

I started drawing since I was a child thanks to the comics movement and I never stopped drawing. The high consumption of comics in the 70s led me to continue drawing and over time I dedicated myself to making comics. Subsequently, although I do not have an academic career, I entered high-tech companies in graphic art. So, my career has taken me along that line.

Did you publish in the media?

Always, since 94. As I drew since childhood, they made me be in contests or publish. In Peru they have published me a lot and that has also made my work out around the world. 


graphic artist Cherman


Is it the first time in Spectrum?

Yes, it is the first time. This year they invited me to lecture my work at Harvard University and that opened the doors to the United States.

A space in this fair is expensive, how do you amortize?

Actually, those are 30 years of work and as well as maintaining a store in Lima, you have to take risks. Investing is not a thing from one day to another but I have sold many works and of course, now it is a risk to be here.


graphic artist Cherman


At what price level are the works you have here?

I have works of all kinds, from economic or popular formats to the ones I am presenting here that are more serigraphic collections.

And small work?

Those works are unique and are from a thousand dollars onwards.

Thank you very much, we wish you much success.