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Carlos del Puerto

Carlos del Puerto: «The Cuban guitar school has always been at a very high level worldwide»

On August 1 and 2, the bassist of the famous group Irakere, Carlos del Puerto, will perform in Havana, after several years of absence, along with the Norwegian pianist, director and arranger Sverre Ind
Eduardo Lorier

Caribbean in Uruguay?

The Caribbean is a concept that can be abstract or concrete. Geographically, we already know where it is located, but, from the abstract point of view, we would say that the Caribbean is a feeling, a c
Juan Mellen

Juan Mellen: "Design goes beyond aesthetics"

Among the participants in the II Biennial of Design of Havana is the Spanish communicator Juan Mellen, executive director of the Meeting of Design Companies in his country, RED, who has been granted an
Nuno Sacramento

Biennial of Havana: a large and diverse exhibition

A week after the XIII Biennial of Havana closes its doors, Arte por Excelencias talks with the Portuguese Nuno Sacramento, one of the international gallerist and curators who have traveled ex professo
Julia Converti

Art to discover and-why not-buy

With regard to the twenty-eighth edition of arteBA (Annual Contemporary Art Fair in Buenos Aires), to be held from April 11 to 14, 2019, Arte por Excelencias exclusively talks with Julia Converti, its
María Juncal recibe el Premio Excelencias

María Juncal: unlimited delivery of dance growth

Excited for the Excelencias Award 2018 to the great Spanish artist, for her work in pursuit of the development of flamenco art in Cuba and its link with the project that has allowed the growth of its m
exhibition "Érase que se es"

Once upon it is. The shadows of yesterday...

From March 16 to April 30, the NH Design gallery, in Oporto, presents the exhibition "Érase que se es", by the Cuban artist Ernesto Rancaño (Havana, 1968). Taking advantage of his presence at the Art W
José Ramón Artigas

José Ramón Artigas: master of excellence forged at work

José Ramón Artigas is a Teacher of Masters, although in Cuba in recent times the title has been banalized too much. Not everyone can or will carry such a distinction. Not even the years make a person w

Roldán Lauzán, the visible face of Cuba in Art Madrid'19

Roldán Lauzán (San Antonio de los Baños, 1987) is one of the most famous Cuban artists within the Art Week of Madrid, where he has exhibited three editions, in the stand that the Collage Habana Gallery
Martín de Lucas with a photograph of República Mínima No 12

Rubén Martín de Lucas: bringing the video closer to the people

The 14th edition of the contemporary art fair Art Madrid has had Rubén Martín de Lucas as a Guest Artist. At the entrance to the Galería de Cristal a new installment of his "Repúblicas mínimas" welcome