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Once upon it is. The shadows of yesterday...

Once upon it is. The shadows of yesterday...

From March 16 to April 30, the NH Design gallery, in Oporto, presents the exhibition "Érase que se es", by the Cuban artist Ernesto Rancaño (Havana, 1968). Taking advantage of his presence at the Art Week in Madrid, Arte por Excelencias spoke with Nuno Sacramento, curator of the show and eternal friend of our magazine.

“Érase que se es” follows any theme?

Yes, talks about the shadows of yesterday. There is a story, a narrative and a common thread that guides the exhibition. It is a mixture of new works with some very representative old works, which is important to be in this exhibition, as collectors from the city of Oporto will see them for the first time.

What techniques has the artist used?

It is a sample of multidisciplinary art, formed by 15 works. There are several techniques from photographs with softboxes, carbon sketches, various objects ... you can see different work techniques in which you play a lot with lights and shadows. It is the search for an aesthetically delicate and beautiful sense. It also uses some materials like PVC, glass or acrylic, but the final result is excellent.


exhibition "Érase que se es"


Why Rancaño for this project?

Ernesto Rancaño is an extraordinary artist, with an extraordinary aesthetic quality and an artist who represents with great dignity the island of Cuba. We worked with him more than 10 years ago. we wanted to do this project for some time and only now was possible. Ernesto we like him a lot as a person, he is a good man, of great character and a very good friend.

His creative side as an author always surprises us and we really like how he represents his work, the way he expresses himself, his readings and thoughts about the world and about what surrounds us. Being with Ernesto is always very inspiring.

Is it casual that Nuno Sacramento exposes the work of Cuban artists who, before or after, go through Madrid's Art Week?

There is no accident. It is true that we take advantage that these artists are here. Madrid is near Aveiro and we make contacts and synergies. Cuba is fashionable. There is a very large search for Cuban art in international markets. We continue to work a lot with Cuban art. We believe a lot in Cuban artists. And we will continue to focus on working with them and representing them. Cuban artists have a very strong aesthetic and creative sense and we think that the Cuban art market will grow much more.

Have you been to Cuba recently? Any important "discovery"?

We were a year ago and we will now be in April at the Havana Biennial. Recently Pepe Franco was at our artistic residence in Portugal, a Cuban artist who lives in Buenos Aires and came to make a large open-air mural for Madrid's Art Week.


NH Design Gallery of Porto
NH Design Gallery of Porto


NH Design Gallery, what are the origins of this new project?

The origins of this project are based on the friendship with the designer Nuno Horta (NHdesign), who has always made us the impressions and catalogs of the Nuno Sacramento gallery. From there arose the idea of ​​creating a gallery in the city of Porto, together with the Nuno Sacramento gallery.

This gallery is dedicated to promoting artists sponsored by the Sacramento family, and has all its curatorship of the Nuno Sacramento Contemporary Art, which is responsible for all the exhibitions that take place there.

How is NH different from the other spaces of Nuno Sacramento?

There is not a big difference. It's like a branch of the head gallery of the city of Aveiro. The artists are the same, but in the gallery of Porto they have great visibility, since it is located on a street where thousands of people pass by. In this way, more visibility is given to the authors who are exhibiting there.

Next projects?

There are many projects that are on the agenda and that will appear soon.

Will we see some more Cuban?

Surely many more Cubans will be seen. There are many Cuban artists that we want to bring to Portugal.

Something else that you want to comment ...

Congratulate them for the work you have done and do for the artistic culture of the Caribbean and Cuba.


On the right, José Sacramento


The gallerist Nuno Sacramento, on the right, in a blue jacket
The gallerist Nuno Sacramento, on the right, in a blue jacket


was at the opening


Inauguration of the Rancaño exhibition
Inauguration of the Rancaño exhibition


Photos: Courtesy Nuno Sacramento