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Havana Auction Unfolds its Ninth Edition

Havana Auction Unfolds its Ninth Edition

In the logbooks of many collectors of Cuban art, there’s an event that each year, in the month of November, puts a number of good works up for grabs: Subasta Habana (Havana Auction). This time around in its ninth edition, the event is once again on the top of the Cuban vanguard, even though the contemporary visual arts also put on a good show there based on the right selection of both authors and representative pieces. For a second time in a row –in a fair attempt to reach out to other audiences- the decorative arts have also been given a space of their own.


It’s actually remarkable the quality of the plastic art lots (57 in all by 47 artists) and the bold move to include some new names –Fayad Jamis, Roberto Salas, Atilano Armenteros and Francisco Antigua, among others– who will be rubbing elbows with those who have already put good numbers on the board in previous editions.


Once again, the bidding game will take place at the Cuba National Hotel on Nov. 4, starting at 11:00 am for the decorative arts and at 6:00 pm for the plastic arts. Those willing to sign up online for the auction, please click on this link below:…


Subasta Habana is stirring up interest in other sectors: curators and art critics from many parts of the world who deal with other promotional methods as far as Cuban art is concerned, many times bearing in mind the outcomes of this event. In coming days, Subasta Habana’s website ( will post the lots that sold under the gavel and the peak bids.