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Cuba Mia

Cuba Mia

New Delhi: Cuba Mia (Cuba of Mine), a collection of shots taken by Mexican photographer Rodrigo Moya five years after the triumph of the 1959 Revolution on the Caribbean island nation, opened at the Cervantes Institute in the Indian capital.


The photos remained unpublished until 2009 and they depict the daily life of Cuba’s urban and rural areas, popular rallies in support of the Revolution, street parties, work in the factories and the faces of the top leaders of this revolutionary process.


Oscar Pujol, director if the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi, said the exposition –made up of some 80 photographs- was planned by the Catalonian American House and has already been exhibited in Barcelona, Havana, Bilbao, Milan, Algiers and Dublin.


Cuba Mia visited the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana in late 2009 and was widely commented by poet and writer Norberto Codina in issue 4 (year 1, 2009, pages 42-46) of the Art by Excelencias magazine in time for the launch of the book entitled Rodrigo Moya: Insurrect Photography, Ediciones El Milagro, Mexico, 2004.


“Under the auspice of a group of Mexican, Spanish and Cuban sponsors, including Mexico’s Department of Foreign Affairs, the Catalonian Americas House –the exhibit had been shown there in the past- and Cuba’s Ministry of Culture- this initiative has served justice, on the one hand, to the artist’s four-plus-decade ties with the Caribbean island, while on the other hand it has meant to be an approach to a significant zone of the very valuable and broad work conducted by this tremendous creator who runs by the name of Moya,” Mr. Codina goes on to say.


Sources: National Information Agency (AIN) and Art by Excelencias magazine