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Pedro Meyer to Open Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum in September

Pedro Meyer to Open Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum in September

Architect Mauricio Rocha, who has stood out because of the creation of cultural spaces throughout the country, is the mastermind behind this new 6,000-square yard center that is set to house 3 exhibition galleries, 4 classrooms, 3 rooms for artistic residencies and 1 auditorium.


Mexican veteran photographer Pedro Meyer (Madrid, 1935), by means of its Pedro Meyer Foundation, is going to open Cuatro Caminos PhotoMuseum in September. This premise was a plastic-producing factory and will become a space, nestled in one of the most growing areas of Mexico City, Lomas de SoteloColony, which is going to host shows, workshops and courses, where visual and photographic education "will be playing a leading role in the museum", Meyer said during an interview given to Mexican digital magazine at the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. Cuatro Caminos PhotoMuseumwill open its doors to the public with a display curated by prestigious Mexican photographers Gerardo Montiel Klint (Mexico City, 1968) and Francisco Mata (Mexico City, 1958) with the most outstanding works created by 300 Mexican photographers to date. Courses, workshops and meetings with photography researchers and professors are slated to be given.


Pedro Meyer, who was born in Madrid in 1935 because his parents had left the Nazi Germany and were on their way to Mexico, is one of the pioneers and most acclaimed representatives of contemporary photography.


In 2007 Pedro Meyer created Pedro Meyer Foundation in an effort to contribute to the reflection, interpretation and research in terms of the photographic image within the framework of new technologies. He presently chairs the Foundation and is a prolific artist whose personal work constantly puts on the table philosophic questions and explores technological changes. He has undertaken this project by means of this foundation and Cuatro Caminos PhotoMuseum is an importantcontribution to the world of photography, mainly focused on the education, and it will open in September.