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Andrea Büttner. Shepherds and Kings

Andrea Büttner. Shepherds and Kings

'My research into poverty comes from my extended study of shame within art and aesthetics.'
   Andrea Büttner

In many cases, the history of art is a history ofart centred on the representation of wealth and power. For Shepherds and Kings (2017), Andrea Büttner compares images of the 'Adoration of the Kings' with the 'Adoration of the Shepherds' in a double projection resembling a slide lecture on art history. In no order of chronology or style, the presentation engages instead in an iconographic exploration of gestures. In Shepherds and Kings, Büttner not only examines the cultural, pictorial representation of the 'Kings' but also that of the 'Shepherds' at the manger as a widely neglected art history of poverty.

Andrea Büttner, b. 1972 in Stuttgart, lives and works in Berlin.

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