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MalPaso Company announces winter tour in North America

MalPaso Company announces winter tour in North America

The MalPaso Dance Company announced its winter tour that will take it to eleven North American cities before returning to Havana in April 2019, for its usual season at the Martí Theater on May 10, 11 and 12, confirmed in a press release Fernando Sáez, Executive Director.

On January 9, the Company inaugurated the Cuban Dance Festival at the Joyce Theater in New York, kicking off the winter tour that will be held on prestigious stages in the United States and Canada. Among the destinations are Lake Placid; New York, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois, Kaatsbaan, Los Angeles; Santa Fe, New Mexico and Otawa, the Canadian capital.

Malpaso was founded in December 2012 by Daile Carrazana, Osnel Delgado and Fernando Sáez. But it is not until March 2013 when it figured in the record of the Dance Center. After five years on the scene and the aura of risk and failure everywhere, the company has versatile and committed dancers. It is associated with the Joyce Theater in New York, which they identify as their second home. The Malpaso Dance Company was the only contemporary company that performed at the Arts Festival of Cuba, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC held in May 2018.

In an interview for the magazine Arte por Excelencias, Fernando Sáez, who also serves as Artistic Director, commented that the name proposal was Osnel's. "The name is not pretentious," says Fernando. "It seemed good to be modest when naming the company and that we were serious about delivering a decent job. The sense of failure is deeply linked to that name. And the sense of humor too, because a bad step in dance is the opposite of what dance is supposed to be. "