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José Carlos de Santiago junto a Zaida del Río

Letter to Zaida del Río

"Everything started in surprise" ... said Silvio Rodríguez and Zaida chose it as the title of the exhibition. Among the muses, madness and genius reappears a spectacular and always controversial Zaida

Plastic Arts in Cuba, Life at a Glance

When the year is about to close, we can say that 2015 has been very flourishing, a period of extraordinary moments for plastic arts in Cuba and also for the rest of the world, given its magnitude.  

Mexico Bets on Contemporary Art

Placing art in the first levels of interest among different publics is a true challenge for a nation that is intensely marked by history and popular culture. 2012 was a good year, with several exh

The Biennial Character of Fairs

A few days ago, I received an updated piece of information on the 2013 edition of Art Madrid that actually surpassed all my expectations.   A six-page text – containing more than twenty quotes –

Architect Mario Coyula’s remarks at the launch Arte por Excelencias’ 13th issue

The number 13 is considered a bad omen by many people, provoking the naïve jump from the 12th to the 14th floor in some hotels; however, there are others who associate it to good luck.  This is consi

Victor Mahana at the National Museum of Fine Arts

By Carolina Lara B.   Santiago de Chile: Chilean artist Victor Mahana (1977) is going through intense days. While he was exhibiting his work at Isabel Aninat Gallery, Arauco Park in Centex, Valpa

READINGS: René Francisco in Art by Excelencias

(With regard to the recently granted 2010 National Plastic Arts Award)   Arte por Excelencias celebrates the granting of the National Plastic Arts Award to the artist René  Francisco Rodriguez, H

Inside Rain at Excelencias Cultural Space

by Natalia Martinez Hernandez