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Letter to Zaida del Río

Letter to Zaida del Río

"Everything started in surprise" ... said Silvio Rodríguez and Zaida chose it as the title of the exhibition. Among the muses, madness and genius reappears a spectacular and always controversial Zaida del Río.

In a large exhibition hosted by Orígenes Gallery of the Grand Theater of Havana "Alicia Alonso", shines with her own light Zaida del Río: great, vigorous, daring, breaking schemes and taboos.

The disappearance of Carilda Oliver Labra at 96 years old made us lose a myth and a brave woman. Her work was advanced  for her time, transgressing taboos and social prejudices, which defined a very special poet.

Today, here we find ourselves in an exuberant Zaida, powerful, silent and hardworking, artist and daring. These works, of large format, have been received in the best scenario; her transgressivity -which will give her a success that I predict today-, brings me joy.

When appreciating such a great exhibition - I confess that I had not enjoyed admiring such works since long ago - I discover that Zaida does not provoke in her works, she only exposes; she does not lose her style, she leaves no space uncovered in her baroque interpretation of this changing homosexuality, of those mixed traits between femininity and the strength of man. She reveals the chiaroscuros, the lights and shadows, the charcoals of an excellent artistic quality, in brilliant expression of a well-studied body interpretation in a manual complex of anatomy that she invents in her head...

In the interpretation of these, she makes us delve into the magic of the natural, the ability of human beings to adopt key trends, recover old customs that broke schemes yesterday and today are everyday realities already accepted by the most advanced societies. We would say that it is an expression of freedom and recognition of the right to decide our sexual behavior.

Congratulations Zaida. Many people will appreciate your gesture; others will repudiate it, but at the end your freedom of expression has been the winner.

A non-artistic discussion would lose the meaning of this great work of yours, which is not only by its dimensions but by the excellent work, creativity and demonstrated technique. From my humble opinion and assessment, I wish you the success that you deserve, for such a conscientious job and these two years of dedication to it.

José Carlos de Santiago

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