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Santiago de Cuba, birthplace and bread

The five hundred years of Santiago de Cuba are already a transcendent historical and cultural fact, as the success of call for the Feast of Fire in its thirty-five editions, this time dedicated to the

Elio: the show man

Elio Rodríguez Miralles is an essential character in the Santiago carnival, known as the Chariot Man because he makes an iron framework and then decorates it using his great imagination and originality

Eyes for a city

A professional theater company, composed of twelve actors, involved the city of Santiago de Cuba and helps transform social reality

Rent: ¡the show must go on!

Rent, Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1996, winner of a Tony in 1997 for best musical, arrives in Cuba

Society only changes by mediation of man-RUN RAM-ROM

And people hang their clothes, clean stairs and corridors; they continue with their lives as if in Loft Havana nothing had happened different from the everyday.

Space for Utopia

During the organization of the 10th Havana Biennale, the curatorial team proposed as a strategy for projection, to leave the precincts of the Morro-Cabaña Military Historical Park, which had hosted the

The best cartoonist in the world is Cuban

Ángel Boligán: I am one of the two Cuban cartoonists with more international awards, I do not know how many Ares have today, as he has continued to reap laurels and it is possible that this week  I wi


JUAN DELGADO CALZADILLA The wall structure is itself a sign of prohibition that can mean no entrance and of course is a call to stop. A wall is usually a not only physical, but mental border, an ambig